Adventurous traditions

In 1919, Finland imposed an alcohol prohibition act. Many brave, clever and adventurous men, however, knew how to turn the situation around in their favor and make a hefty buck by bootlegging alcohol.  Boats heading for Finland were loaded up with bootleg
alcohol near the Estonian shore. Maybe that’s why it was in Estonia where decades later Britamarine’s speedboats were first manufactured

Dreams come true

Our goal is to produce incredible masterpieces that can be enjoyed safely and comfortably for decades. And by doing so we reinvent something special that has a great value for its owners. Having a common dream of what a true head-turner should be, we constantly
seek the best solutions the world can offer and settle for no less than the best.
Our workers all share the passion for high quality mahogany speedboats and are very proud of what we do and who we are.

Luxurious satisfaction

Our luxurious sportboats are crafted by hand from the finest wood. All components, from visible mahogany surfaces and stainless steel screws to modern marine electronics, are

carefully selected for ultimate comfort and durability. In order to guarantee luxurious satisfaction, an individual approach is often needed. Therefore, we will always try to accommodate Your personal wishes. It is important that You feel like
you have received the best possible solution.